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Finally... [30 Jul 2003|04:54pm]
... got fed up with this username. It's really doing in my head. Therefore am attempting to switch journals.

My new username is nymple

Please feel free to add me. Anyone I haven't added to that journal yet... it's not because i don't want you as friends. I just wanna give you the choice of whether you wanna add me again.

As, yeah, I know my monkey lovin can get a bit annoying sometimes. But yeah, if you add me and i haven't added you already i will do right away, with a big "YEY!"
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YEYEYYEYEYEYEYEYEYYEY... *ahem* Yey! [17 Jul 2003|02:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]

*bounces with barely contained excitedment and sleep deprivation*

Does anyone know how long Seagulls live? The ones outside my window are noisy feckers and keep waking me up at 4am so i can't get back to sleep again for ages *glares at seagulls*

In other news, life is grand.

I have MONKEYS YEY! Also, I have friends visiting and friends coming back home to Liverpool and and and come tomorrow i might not be so lonely anymore. Woo!

*bounces more*

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ESSY! [09 Jul 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | awake ]

You still coming for mine and ruth's 21st thingy on the 19th of July? Let me know.... as i don't know where my sleeping bag is so you might have to bring your own.

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Blah [09 Jul 2003|01:12am]
[ mood | bored ]

Spazzy quiz... I was bored!Collapse )

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... [08 Jul 2003|11:27pm]
[ mood | Sniffly ]

Had a great holiday. Don't really wanna go into it though. Not right now anyway. Am too deeply settled into my "Back in England" blues. Feel kind of lonely and friendless which is silly but yeah, I can't help it.

I was supposed to see Ian tonight so was hopeing for a hug to make me feel a little better. Of course plans change and instead Uncle Andy's dad, Jack is dying and every from that side of my "family" is at the hospital. Not sure if Ian is actually at the hospital but the whole event in question meant avoiding High Wycombe. *crosses fingers* Hope Jack pulls through, he's a lovely old man :(

So yeah, my life is a bubble of laughs right now. *pout* I need hugs and a friend to talk about random pointless stuff with to make me giggle.

I go now, will raid the fridge and comfort eat. Dee, did you get the chocolate I sent on to you?

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*pout* [07 Jul 2003|08:43am]
[ mood | sad ]

OK, first off, I should probably mention hairynipple has gone insane and also happens to be the person making this update... Am trying to go to my Happy Place which happens to be with xnymeriax so I figured what better way than update her LJ from her point of view... (You caught the part where I mentioned I've gone insane, right?)

Bruno dropped me off at the airport about 2 hours ago. *sob* My flights (yes flights back home have only started. I'm now on my way to Boston, via Houston. Once I get to Boston, I'll have over 12 hours to kill in the poopy airport there. It's particularly poopy because it's one giant construction zone ATM. The giant lives on the mountain of curly fries is going to eat me! *much sobbing*

Ooops, bit sidetracked there...

Erm, has Bruno told you he's gone insane? If not, you've probably figured it out by now. Insane or not, he'd better visit me SOON or I'll kick his ass! I miss him every bit as much as he misses me. <3 Ooo... *eyes light up* I have new monkeys. *nod nod*

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I need... [26 Jun 2003|11:45am]
[ mood | rejected ]

a hug.

Weather is great again but Kim is at a meeting all day so i am cooped up on my own today.

Think i will go out and finish reading Harry Potter on their deck in my bikini to try and catch some more sun. Nothing much else to do really.

Been feeling poopy and sad on and off for a few days now. Nothing seems to be lifting my spirits, it sucks. Am sure it's just hormones as i've nothing, really, to feel sad about. Still it's not a nice feeling.

Like I said, i just really need a hug right now *sad pathetic face*

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Blah de blah [23 Jun 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I brought new clothes.... Go me! Woo!

Got some more sun, experienced more rain... Had a good day in general.

Never can be bothered to update any more. Pah, not like my life is exciting anyway, I think you guys can deal without an update for a while.

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At Kim's [23 Jun 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | giggly ]

About to go jump in the pool and catch some of the glorious sun that has finally come out.

I caught up with a "cousin" i hadn't seen for ages. It was fun. She was giving me advise on how to move to the US and get all my college fee's paid for me. SHUSH though, i'm not supposed to tell anyone she was telling me that. *giggle* Man, she was wicked drunk.

I'm excited for Kim starting college.

Oh and Matt, Kim's friends said you were hot.... figured you'd like to know. Always nice to know when people think you are a shexy beast *snicker*

I'm gonna go give my good morning to the pool now! Tee Hee

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Shexy Ladies.... [20 Jun 2003|11:36am]
[ mood | restless ]

Last night Carol and Dee took us to this greek restaurant where there were girlies doing cool belly dancing.

I wish i could shimmy. With my bust you'd think I was born with that ability but NO! I just suck hugely and do this loblonged shoulder thing and fail miserably. I need to learn to shimmy and to shake my bottom like those shexy belly dancing girlies *giggle* That would rule so much! I'd so shake my bottom like that all the time if i could.

All day, every day, Bottom and boobie shakin madness! MADNESS I TELL YOU!

In other news I am hungee.... someone get whereisaquaman to make me some Mac N Cheese... Someone, Anyone? Purlease!

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I have arrived.... [17 Jun 2003|08:58am]
[ mood | awake ]

and after yesterday laughing so much my side hurt as i ended up with a constant stitch, I am now sat bored as those two lumps *points at Dee and Essy with my foot* sleep until the latest point humanly necessary before we go to the beach today.

I am gonna go and get dressed now i think, just for something to do, largely!

*glares at the lumps* I was tired last night and they moaned at me but look at me now... LOOK AT ME! *snicker*

Ah dear, I missed Dee. Essy too really. This is gonna be such a great holiday!

Hurry, wake up.... we're off to the beach, be lazy bums there!

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Dirty Stop Out [15 Jun 2003|09:08am]
[ mood | horny ]

I am bad and norty.... but i had a great time.

Mr Ian Fearn is a loverly bloke and he makes me feel great.... Ooo that sounds sort of dodgy when it really wasn't meant to! Doesn't make me feel great in that way... get your heads out of the gutter you lot :p *snicker* Nah we just get along great and he is quick to compliment, I mean ;)

Won't go into details but i give the night 4 stars ;)

Quiz ThingymabobCollapse )

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Hmmm.... [09 Jun 2003|02:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

6 Days to go and all i have packed is toothpaste.


I need to do some washing, but i don't wanna.

Oooo *has idea*

Anyone wanna do my washing, I'll pay you. Of course since i have no money I'll have to pay you in either promises, monkey merchandise, loblonged behaviour (I do a wicked impression of someone falling over in a huge, loud and embarrassing fashion. Y-es, impression *shifty eyes*) either one of those or sexual favours. Take your pick just someone do my washing for me? *puppy dog eyes*

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*smug* [06 Jun 2003|02:52pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

*does the dance of incurable smugness*

So... Bruno suggested that while I am in Vancouver that we go to the Warped Tour this morning. *big huuuge grin*

Hopefully we will get tickets but but but if we do *much much much YEYing and excitement!*

*more smug*

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ESSY!? [04 Jun 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Are you still coming on Saturday?

If so you need to be there by about 7.15ish I suspect. Be there or we will leave without you

Anyway let me know. Try to come as I haven't seen you for ages.

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KITTY! [01 Jun 2003|05:14am]
[ mood | curious ]

Oooo Kitty!Collapse )

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So... [30 May 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Over a week since I last updated...

This would be because I have very little to say... Ok so thats the norm, however this time I haven't even appeared to have loblonged pathetic stuff that i find amoosing to tell you. Which saddens me to the core. Loblonged pathetic stuff is what i live for!

Tonight I am baby sitting for my sister. Which will be a bore *pout* I will live through it though. I am strong and 4 head strong kids between 2-12 will not tie me to the couch and run amock through the house... despite what they did last time ;)

Today in work we have a climbing wall out the front of the building for daring nationwide employees to try to scale. What this means is that I keep seeing guys walking passed me in skin tight form fitting spandex shorts. What this means is that I keep having to surpress the urge to laugh, then point and giggle like the child i sometimes think I am. Spandex is not good EVAR! Well mostly never... *ponders*... *wicked grin*

It's nearly only 2 weeks before I go away and already my calendar before I go is pretty jam packed full. What with working, baby sitting, coming back to Liverpool next weekend and then going early to Auntie Kays (who lives near heathrow) in order to see my new friend ian before I go away, i suspect the next two weeks will fly by. Suddenly I will be standing in my room waiting for Ian to pick me up and so i can drive for an hour in his ugly brown nova and I am betting a ton of money that i will only have got as far as packing a pair of knickers and the monkeys I am taking with me by then.

I still have yet to buy a new suitcase since my old snazzy little one is old, out dated and falling to pieces. Mum said she would buy that for me though.

Helen and Mum both are hassling me for what I want for my birthday and then refusing my ideas on the following basis "It's your 21st, I want to buy you something that you can keep" so even though I desperately want a bikini for my holiday and the cheapest one i can get is £55 they refuse to get one for me *pout* Maybe mum will cave if i look puppy dog eyes at her enough *crosses fingers*

Ooo I think thats it... Ooo except, on monday me and Helen went shopping and... well, i bought a skirt but the best bit is... Helen got pooed on by a bird *disolves into more childish giggling* She wasn't too pleased when she asked me if i could see it and I said "No... It blends in... *gasp* Your hair is poo coloured!"

*deep breath* Man, I am such a childish loblong *shrug*

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*sobs* [22 May 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | good ]

Being good is sooooo difficult! *cries*

Am so pleased with myself though *smug*

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*smug* [22 May 2003|01:21pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I got asked to stay on at Nationwide for another 4 weeks at least. YEY! that means I don't have to worry. It also means I am gonna have to lie as I am gonna be at Dee's in 3 weeks *snicker* I'm not telling them now as then they might get me replaced with someone else.

Either way it means i won't be quite as skint as i thought i would be to go on my holiday tho.

I have so much to do before i leave! *eek* I need to buy a new suitcase. Print out certain things for my E-ticket. Remember where I put my ticket to vancouver :| Oops, No wait i think i remember :|

I have no decent clothes as i have grown out of most of the things in the wardrobe... Dee and or Kim... you up for shopping? As am bringing the barest minimum of clothes to you guys and i need to have some clothes to wear. Nakedness is great, but i proportion *snicker* Or, well... at least only in some situations. Some places don't let naked people in, the spoil sports!

*thinks of other stuff i need*.... *panics* ARGH! I need to write lists! NOW! *scurries away to make a trillion lists that i will never look at again*

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Blah [20 May 2003|06:20pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Finally went to the doctors after months of putting it off and worrying that I had something horribly wrong with me.

So he checked my boobies and then my tummy for lumps then said "No lumps on you". Plus my blood pressure is good and healthy.

So yeah, YEY me!

I've been having cravings for toast wicked bad recently. Mmm Toast! Ooo my dinner just Pinged *runs away*

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